TVAAU Spring Basketball 5th-7th
Program & Contact Info
Current Season: 4/3/2023 to 5/23/2023


Coaching Application
We ask ALL potential coaches to complete the online questionnaire.  We utilize this information to make informed selections and to effectively communicate and track applications.  The deadline for selection is February 16.    

Background Check
All coaches require background checks!  A background check consists of a local and national criminal history review as well as a national sex offender registry review.  You can utilize the VolunteerMatters site integrated with the Treasure Valley Family YMCA to sign up to coach.  Once you've registered and a background check has been completed you will be provided access to team information and can move to the next step of season preparation.

National AAU Membership
All coaches must purchase a "Non-Athlete Membership" prior to coaching.  The fee is $16 and, once purchased, the number or card must be forwarded to the TVAAU OFFICE.

HeadsUp Concussion Education
Concussions occur in ALL sports are often the most misdiagnosed or just plain missed sports injuries.  A concussion can have lasting effects.  Our motto:  When in doubt, sit them out.  This short course is required for all coaches and will help provide baseline information on how to treat a concussion or the suspicion of concussion.  

Positive Coaching Alliance
Better Athletes, Better people.  This is the motto of the PCA.  This site is a great resources for coaching done right.  it provides coaches with resources to give athletes an education is not only sports but character as well.  All coaches are required to complete the "Double-Goal Coach" training.  Simply use your AAU Membership Number.    

PDF Resources & Downloads
Find files and information specific to Treasure Valley Family YMCA Sports and TVAAU Basketball.

Email YMCA Staff
Have a specific question you need answered?  Email our Youth Sports Staff and we will get back to you within 24 hours of your email.

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